70th Independence Day Celebrations at Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, New Delhi                                

 Patriotism is not just a mere passive love for your country. A true patriot is one who loves India and actively works for its progress. Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, celebrated the 70th Independence Day with great enthusiasm, pride and valour. The school organized a grand event on 11th August 2016 which involved active participation of both students and teachers.

MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj and his team organised ‘Plant, Own, Live A dream’ Tree Plantation Drive on 6th August at the Jahanpanah Forest in Alaknanda. More than a hundred students of the school accompanied by the Principal and officials from various government departments actively participated in the move and utilised the opportunity to plant and own a tree. A total of 210 plants were planted. The objective was to inculcate the idea of sustainable development among students and turn them into upright and responsible citizens.
The Independence Day theme was creatively reflected through startling decorations and amazing artwork by the students in the form of beautiful noticeboards. Bosconians gathered in the morning of 11th August in the school auditorium to witness the programme. A thunderous start to the event was given by Arijit Roy of class 9 who left us enthralled by rendering a sensational patriotic song. He was accompanied by the Staff on the instruments. Then there was an audio visual presentation giving us a glance on the hospitality, culture, diversity and richness of India. Our Principal, Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese delivered the Independence Day message and inspired all of us through his magical words. It seemed as if we all were back in the 50s listening to ‘A Tryst With Destiny’ from Jawaharlal Nehru.

Dazzle an Inter House Dance Competition was organised as part of the event. The themes of the dances were ‘Social evils prevalent in the society’ and ‘Patriotism’. The participants put forward mind-blowing, spirited, empowering and deafening performances which made the auditorium surround with applause and cheers. Medals and trophies were awarded to the winners by the Principal. In the end, observing the sanctity of the moment we all rose up for the National Anthem which was sung by all with great pride and honour. Loud rumbles of ‘Jai Hind’ could be heard as the students marched back to their classrooms.

The messages delivered through powerful speeches during the event will remain etched in our hearts forever and will guide and inspire us to bring glory to our country, India.